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12 February 2017

Ray Charles On The David Frost Show

A while ago Reelin' In The Years, a great resource for licensed footage of blues and jazz music, submitted this clip of Ray Charles, singing America The Beautiful. Regrettably, it doesn't match any entry in their database, nor were they willing to answer my questions about the song's provenance.
The setting is of a U.S. variety TV program with a live audience. Who recognizes the show?

Update March 22, 2017
It turns out to be from the the final episode (#209) of the 4-season series of the David Frost Show, aired on July 7, 1972. The other guests were senator Edward Kennedy (who discussed the book To Ask Why Not: Robert Kennedy) and singer Carly Simon.
Ray performed the tune on David's special request. Compare this, from 12'00":

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